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Brazil Progresso Natural - Espresso Roast
Brazil Progresso Natural - Espresso Roast
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Brazil Progresso Natural - Espresso Roast

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Brazil Progresso Natural is our current espresso offering in store.


Tastes Like: Red apple, walnut and toffee


Roast Level: Espresso Roast


Altitude: 1,150 above sea level


Variety: Topazio and Catuaí


Processing: Natural


Owners:  Borré Family





Fazenda Progresso is owned by the Borré family, who have been in business for three generations. The history of the farm dates back to 1984 when the Borré family migrated from southern Brazil to the northeast and purchased some land in the municipality of Ibicoara, near the town of Mucugê. In the early years, the family tried growing crops such as soybeans, wheat and English potatoes. The potatoes turned out to be an incredibly successful crop, stimulating investments and making the family one of the largest producers of potatoes in Brazil!

In 2005, the Borré family sought to diversify the activities on their land and began to focus on coffee. They recognised they had the ideal conditions to produce specialty coffee with high altitudes, plentiful rainfall, and rich soil. Fabiano Borré spearheaded the coffee program, investing in state-of-the-art infrastructure and agricultural practices to ensure they could produce the very highest quality coffee possible. Fabiano also surrounded himself with an exceptional team and sought advice from some of the most respected professionals in the field, including Silvio Leite, founder of the Cup of Excellence and president of the Brazil Specialty Association, with 30 years of experience in coffee grading, tasting and quality control.

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